Harrisburg Area Bowling USBC
Hall of Fame Nomination Form & Members

The Greater Harrisburg United States Bowling Congress (GHUSBC) established the Hall of Fame in order to perpetuate the names of individuals who display outstanding ability in the game and/or who have contributed through meritorious or exemplary service to the general welfare and progress of the game of bowling within the GHUSBC.

On this page you will find a link to the "GHUSBC Hall Of Fame Nomination Form" that you may print out, complete and submit to nominate a GHUSBC member for consideration of induction to the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms must be submitted by May 1 of each calendar year.

"GHUSBC Hall Of Fame Nomination Form"

Below you will find the members of the Greater Harrisburg United States Bowling Congress (GHUSBC) Hall of Fame. Simply click on the year of induction and view the members that were inducted into the Hall of Fame for that year.

1984 Inductees

1984 Ladies Inductees were

    Patricia Albright

    Betty Evans

    Erma Fishel

    Charlotte "Rusty" Gustin

1984 Mens Inductees were

    Frank Cromis

    Harry Grumpert

    David Keegan

    Ray Mathers

    Ellsworth "Bud" Price

    Joe Ricci

1985 Inductees

1985 Ladies Inductees were

    Rose Raaga

    Genevieve Rhine

1985 Mens Inductees were

    Gary Bower

    William Line


1986 Inductees

1986 Ladies Inductees were

    Pamela Winter

    Thelma Bitterman

1986 Mens Inductees were

David "Dave" Bushey

Jack Bower


1987 Inductees

1987 Ladies Inductees were

    Elois Gray

    Margaret Schreiner

1987 Mens Inductees were

Claire "Pete" Runk

Burle Lewis


1988 Inductees

1988 Ladies Inductees were

    Arlene Keegan Viering

1988 Mens Inductees were

Joe Magyar

Darryl Bower


1989 Inductees

1989 Ladies Inductees were

    Pat Barbush

    Joanne Conrad

1989 Mens Inductees were

Park Updegraff


1990 Inductees

1990 Ladies Inductees were

    Lois Baumgardner

    Edith Weedon

1990 Mens Inductees were

Kenneth Kipp

Bob Maclay

   Jack Matthews

Tolbert Orris

1991 Inductess

1991 Ladies Inductees were

    Mary Androshick

    Nellie Woods

1991 Mens Inductees were

James Weedon

Robert Althouse

John Lower

Bob Hafer


1992 Inductees

1992 Ladies Inductees were

    Gerry Engstad

    Ann Fasnacht

1992 Mens Inductees were

Norm Eckert

Pete Gasper


1993 Inductees

1993 Ladies Inductees were

    Lillian Bower

    Pat Moats

1993 Mens Inductees were

George Gentile

Al Heiser

Donald Santoni


1994 Inductees

1994 Ladies Inductees were

    Ruth Lower

    Queen Wrighton

1994 Mens Inductees were

Donald Follett

Dennis Plecker


1995 Inductees

1995 Ladies Inductees were

    Kathleen Crum

1995 Mens Inductees were

Henry "Flip" Stahl

Robert Weaver


1996 Inductees

1996 Ladies Inductees were

    Henrietta Buskey

1996 Mens Inductees were

Donald Kirkpatrick Jr.

John Tezak


1997 Inductees

1997 Ladies Inductees were

    Jean Patterson

    Joyce Sisti

1997 Mens Inductees were

Christian P. Keiffer

Joe Miholic


1998 Inductees

1998 Ladies Inductees were

    Alice Dowhouer

1998 Mens Inductees were

Darryl Jacobs

James Tomek Sr.


1999 Inductees

1999 Ladies Inductees were

    Sara Proctor

    Lenore Shively

1999 Mens Inductees were

Dave Stine

  Randy Swanger

2000 Inductees

2000 Ladies Inductees were

    Anna Rankin

2000 Mens Inductees were

Raymond Secord

Kenneth Brewbaker


2001 Inductees

2001 Ladies Inductees were

    Terry Sutton

    Corrine Sellers

2001 Mens Inductees were

Jerry Walker Jr.

Rich Deardorff

Dean Tripp

2002 Inductees

2002 Ladies Inductees were

    Helen Tomek

2002 Mens Inductees were

Milford "Manny" Mansfield

William McCormick

William Sheeley


2003 Inductees

2003 Ladies Inductees were

    Ida Beistline

2003 Mens Inductees were

Jim Bailey III

Roger Horst


2004 Inductees

2004 Ladies Incuctees were

    Connie Hollenbaugh

2004 Mens Inductees were

    Carlos Crespo

Frank Kosco

2005 Inductees

2005 Ladies Inductees were

    Bev Alwine

    Pat Hayes

2005 Mens Inductees were

William Illar

2006 Inductees

2006 Ladies Inductees were

    Dolly Wright

    Edna Mosten

    Joyce Kostjal

    Mary Ellen Stilo

    Marsha Hocker

2006 Mens Inductees were

     Mike Runk

    Floyd Junior Gouse

   Glenn Hopple

William Ryan

  Earl Burger Jr.

 Mark Plesce

2007 Inductees

2007 Ladies Inductees were

Memrie K. Hosterman

2007 Mens Inductees were

Cloyd Hollenbaugh

Steve Sneidman

Tom Sheetz


2008 Inductees

2008 Ladies Inductees were

     Jan Gulick

2008 Mens Inductees were

      Earl Yohn

2009 Inductees

2009 Ladies Inductees were

    Deb Pressley

   Shelley McCabe

2009 Mens Inductees were

    Herbert Morrow

    Harry Hartman

2010 Inductees

2010 Mens Inductees were


   Jay Romig

2011 Inductees

2011 Ladies Inductees were







    Toni Buck









    Lynne McDonnell



2011 Mens Inductee were







  Walter 'Pee Wee' Benedict

2012 Inductees

2012 Ladies Inductees were









   Patti Pianto


2012 Mens Inductees were








   Jim Tomek Jr.

2013 Inductees

2013 Mens Inductees were









    Tommy Gollick









    Chris Green













    George H. Kostjal

2014 Inductees

2014 Ladies Inductees were

   Ellie Boyer


2014 Mens Inductees were

   Barry Buck


   Mel Durden

2015 Inductees


2015 Mens Inductees were

   James Youtz

   Todd Peffer

2016 Inductees

2016 Inductees Were

    Joan Finger

   Cindy Kohler

   Shane Deardorff

2017 Inductees

2017 Inductees Were

  Barb Bair


  Beth Kirkpatrick


  Brad Hoffman


  Keith Eberly

2018 Inductees

2018 Inductees Were   

  Deborah Ausberry-Welsh  


   Chad Hopple


2019 Inductee

2019 Inductee

   Elinda Wilson


2020 Pandemic Year No Inductees

2021 Inductees

2021 Inductees

   John Blessing

   Stephen Haas

2022 Inductee

2022 Inductee

   Dan Gordon

2023 Inductees

2023 Inductees

  Beth Smith

Duane Enterline

Jeremy Gilbert

John Lawson

Mike Green